Samara Weaving

Date of Birth
23 February 1992, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
“I got to experience different cultures and lifestyles and I think that’s made me who I am. Because we moved on average every two years I was really shy about meeting other kids. I just wouldn’t talk to anyone for weeks so my parents thought that if they put me into a drama school I might be able to come out of my shell and it worked.”
Samara returned to Australia in 2004, and last year completed Year 12 in Canberra studying drama, arts, media and english.
Samara has performed in short films, dance and stage shows, with Singapore Dance Company, Canberra Youth Theatre and school productions. Samara has one younger sister, Morgan, and is the niece of well-known Australian actor Hugo Weaving, who starred in The Matrix trilogy. Her father Simon is a filmmaker, writer and lecturer at the University of Canberra.
In 2007, she played the lead role in short film The Cabbie, which was a finalist in the Lights, Canberra, Action short film festival. Samara also starred in the Australian drama Out Of The Blue. Samara lists Emma Thomson and Natalie Portman amongst her favourite actresses.
“Indigo and I are very different. She is so forward and not afraid to ask questions and confront people. She likes what she sees when she first meets Romeo and she is not shy in pursuing him.
“I think Indigo has grown up a lot since fans last saw her in Summer Bay. She is still dealing with her parents divorce and her father’s infidelity, but has a newfound maturity and ability to deal with her anger towards her father.
“I have loved returning to Home and Away and working with everyone again. It’s a fantastic place to work and I look forward to what’s next for Indigo.”