Amanda Seyfried

Date of Birth
3 December 1985, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA
Birth Name
Amanda Michelle Seyfried
5' 3½" (1.61 m)
Mini Biography
Amanda Seyfried grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and began modeling when she was 11 years old. She acted in high school productions as well as taking singing lessons, and landed a recurring role in the long-running US soap "As the World Turns" (1956) when she was just 15.
More soap work followed as she completed her schooling and she had already secured a place at Fordham University when she was offered a role in the Tina Fey-penned teen hit Mean Girls (2004). She deferred the university place to complete the film.
More TV work followed, raising her profile across America, while her appearances in _Mama Mia! (2008)_ and _Red Riding Hood (2001)_ helped establish her international fame.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Anonymous
Trade Mark
Long blonde hair and very fair skin
Appeared on the cover of three Francine Pascal books.
Grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania
Put attending college on hold (it was to be Fordham University in New York) to film Mean Girls (2004).
Was considered for the roles of Regina and Cady in Mean Girls (2004). These roles eventually went to Rachel McAdams and Lindsay Lohan, respectively.
She began modeling at age 11.
Good friends with American Gun (2005) co-star Nikki Reed.
Correct pronunciation of her last name is "Sigh-Frid.".
In May 2008, she dressed up as "Alice" of "Alice in Wonderland" for a seven-page spread for Vogue Italia. That same month, she was also featured in the promotional poster for her movie musical Mamma Mia! (2008).
Originally auditioned for the title role on "Veronica Mars" (2004) but lost the part to Kristen Bell. Instead of playing "Veronica", she was offered the role of "Lilly", Veronica's dead best friend. She was so popular in this role, she was brought back more often than ever expected.
As a child model, she initially signed with Image International Agency in Allentown, Pennsylvania before working under Bethlehem's Pro Model Agency and eventually with Wilhelmina agency in New York.
Graduated from William Allen High School in Allentown, Pennsylvania in 2003.
Missed 70 school days during her senior year in high school due to her acting commitments.
If she were not into acting, she would have liked to study meteorology. She admits being fascinated by weather.
Trained in classical opera for two years and studied under a Broadway voice coach for almost five years.
While living in Allentown, Pennsylvania, got to see musicals in Manhattan such as Cats and Les Miserables, which is her all-time favorite musical.
Her special skills and interest include dancing, singing, painting and tennis.
Beat several actresses for the role of "Sophie" in the film Mamma Mia! (2008). One of the actresses was fellow co-star Rachel McAdams who acted alongside Seyfried in the film Mean Girls (2004). In this film, McAdams beat Seyfried for the role of "Regina George".
Auditioned for the lead role of "Kelli" for the horror remake Black Christmas (2006), but lost out to Katie Cassidy.
Was in a relationship with Dominic Cooper, having met on the set of Mamma Mia! (2008) (October 2007-May 2010).
Lost the part of "Babydoll" in Sucker Punch (2011) because she was committed to her HBO show "Big Love" (2006).
One of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People in the World (2009 and 2010).
Wanted to be an actress at age 10 after watching Romeo + Juliet (1996) with her father.
Former waitress.
Favorite city is Charleston, S.C.
Has an Australian shepherd dog named Finn.
Of German heritage.
Was in consideration for the role of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby (2012), but Carey Mulligan was cast instead.
Was in a relationship with Ryan Phillippe (October 2010-May 2011).
Her part in Nine Lives (2005) was written specifically for her.
Favorite place in the world is Greece.
One of the songs on the Dear John (2010/I) soundtrack was written by her.
Was voted as one of the most beautiful people in 2009 by People Magazine.
Ranked #2 in Who Magazine's "Most Beautiful People" 2010.
Voted #59 on FHM Australia "Sexiest Women of 2011".
Ranked #1 on People's "25 Beauties (and Hotties) at 25" list in 2011.
Ranked #92 in the 2011 Askmen list of the "Most Desirable" women.
Ranked #3 in Glamour Magazine's "50 Most Glamorous Women of 2010" and was also named "The Most Down-To-Earth".
Ranked #17 in Glamour Magazine's "30 Hottest and Sexiest Stars Under 30" (2010).
Ranked #4 in People Magazine's Most Beautiful 2009 - Beautiful at Every Age.
Seyfried was ranked as having on of the "Most Beautiful Famous Faces" for 6 consecutive years on the list of "The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces From Around the World". She was ranked #32 in 2005, #23 in 2006, #46 in 2007, #65 in 2008, #5 in 2009, and #9 in 2010.
Personal Quotes
I love low-rise, boot-cut, perfect fitting jeans.
I collect jeans. I don't care how expensive they are.
I have jeans with holes in them and I have nice jeans. I have casual and I have dressy jeans. I've got all kinds.
Jeans are just so sexy, there's something about them that turns me on, you know?
[on plans for the future] If I came out with a club hit, if I were singing duets with Jesse McCartney, I think people would get the wrong idea. I'm not interested in fashion design. I'm an actress, and that's all I want to focus on. For me, that's just more fulfilling.
[About Mamma Mia! (2008)) I had never seen the stage show. When I first heard about the audition, I was like, "Damn, I'm not Greek!" I thought it was about this big Greek family.
I do feel like I've grown up. Living by yourself in two cities, having a relationship, the Hollywood stuff. It forces you to deal with things as an adult.
I just love to act and be on the set. I want to make acting my life and get really good roles.
I'm not really into clubbing, I like to go to parties after events, and those do end up at clubs or bars. But in my free time I go grocery shopping or to the gym, or I talk on the phone.
At 11, I had a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio. Actually, it was not a crush. It was an obsession! I was also obsessed with Richard Dean Anderson from MacGyver and Indiana Jones.
I have jeans with holes in them and I have nice jeans. I have casual and I have dressy jeans. I've got all kinds.
(On playing the lead role in Mamma Mia! (2008)) It doesn't really get better than this. I'm afraid I'm going to just have to beg Meryl to do another movie with me. She's so in touch with herself. I know that comes with age, but I'm really excited to figure out who I am.
I've auditioned for roles that involved voice, but I don't like it. I feel like, I can't do this in front of you. It seems so separate - I don't share it with a lot of people. And I'm not into public performances.
[about being in a polygamous marriage] I don't think I could share, no. I don't think I would trust. I want to be the most important thing in my husband's life. It's just weird. It's not natural.
It's really easy to avoid the tabloids. You just live your life and don't hang out with famous people who are in the tabloids. Don't do anything controversial and be a normal person. Have friends. And get a job and keep working.
People do judge you, and there are stupid rivalries. You have to wear the right things, because there are all these girls my age competing for the same roles. They're judging me and I'm judging them. I try not to be that way, but sometimes I am.
No matter what's happening in my life, I can always get lost in the romances of my characters.
Sex scenes are great. A lot of my co-stars have been sexy guys my age, and so, why not? I'm not going to pretend it's not fun. Justin (Justin Timberlake) was great - he had come from doing Friends with Benefits (2011), where he basically had sex every day at work - and so it was easy for both of us. We just kind of got it on, and then were like 'that was good'.
Where Are They Now
(October 2008) in South Carolina filming Dear John (2010/I).
(October 2010) In California filming In Time (2011).