Ehrinn Cummings

Ehrinn Cummings was born March 14, 1981, in Montreal, Canada has since become a familiar face in the modeling industry. She made the leap into the fashion world when she was only seventeen, where she was discovered at a coffee shop.
While she was there a man asked her to pose for a shampoo advertisement, promising to give her $2,000 for the pictures. She quickly accepted the job and not long after the pictures appeared in a Canadian magazine. After that, an agent from New York contacted her, officially launching her modeling career and making it to where she was working in Paris the very next year. In 1999 Cummings moved to New York City and signed with the Karin agency and within a short period of time found herself being propelled into the modeling stratosphere.
That one Canadian photo shoot for shampoo has turned into quite a career as Cummings has been featured in fashion magazines like Cosmo, Jane, and Vogue, as well as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2002. Not to mention the fact that she has worked with several large fashion houses' advertising campaigns, like Espirit, GAP, and Gucci. One possible reason for her large body of work is the fact that she is often compared with established model Elle MacPherson.
Cummings doesn't seem to understand why so much attention has been given to her despite her beauty. She has often been quoted as saying, "If someone on the Web is bored enough to gather information on some chick from Canada, then that's cool." This fresh perspective of her self-image is perhaps what makes her so attractive to so many different people.
For right now, Cummings is intently following her work while she starts to see her career make breakthroughs in the industry. She has admitted that she keeps fairly busy and doesn't seem to regret her decision to join the modeling industry despite the long hours and hard work that are often par for the course where modeling is concerned. Her goals are realistic though, as she would like to retire at a young age and live an otherwise normal life when her modeling career is over.