Erika Van Tielen

Erika van Tiel (Borgerhout, September 17, 1983) was a Flemish presenter.
From her 14th to her 19th, she arranged modeling and she starred in several commercials. Of Tielen graduated in June 2005 from the Catholic University of Leuven in Communication Sciences and combined her studies for two years with the job of the public wrapster Ketnet youth channel. During the same period two years she sang with the band and took them Ketnet presenting among others he comes, he comes ... The advent of the Saint, The Golden Owl and the Euro Kids program (along with colleague Ketnet An Jordens charges).
On June 20, 2006, she stood with her fellow hosts every Vanelderen and Sandrine Anneleen Liegeois at the birth of the first digital channel from the Flemish television history: VTMzomer. After this transition to the commercial channel was Erika From Regulators also the face of the digital successor VTMkerst.
After the digital adventure was Erika Van Tielen a few months to work on drafting the report magazine Splash! then when the announcer to get started. She was also told every weekend at Q-Music.
In August 2008 came from Valves back to the VRT. She went to work at radio station Studio Brussels and Flanders contributes to the television destination. In 2009 she replaced Saartje Vandendriessche as permanent host of the program. They also worked freelance for MTV.
In the 2009/2010 season Erika Van Tielen a candidate in the quiz The Smartest Man in the World at One, which greatly increased her fame and her yielded a number of fan pages on Facebook.
In 2010 she played a major role in the feature film Fritz & Freddy.
In 2011 she became the mother of a son.