Julie Gayet(Actress Girlfriend Francois Hollande President of France)

Born June 3, 1972 at Suresnes , is a French actress         Biography
She was born an antique mother and a father , Brice Gayet , Professor of Surgery at the Institute mutual Montsouris . She studied opera singing at the age of eight years3 .
She turned to comedy at,she went to study in London for an internship with Jack Waltzer at the Actors Studio4 . She then studied with Tania Balachova , school circus Fratellinis and studied opera singing Tosca Marmor . She also studied art history and psychology at the University .
In 1993 , she started as an extra in three colors: Bleu.
In 1994 , she played her first major role in The Hundred and One Nights of Simon Cinema Agnes Varda . In 1996, she played the female lead in the comedy Delphine  , Yvan .
Socialist political activist , she took such a public stance in favor of Ségolène Royal during the French presidential election Francois Hollande and 2007 during the French presidential election 2012 .
private life
In 2003 , Julie Gayet married filmmaker Santiago Amigorena and they have two children ensemble . The couple would séparé or divorcé8 since , according to sources.
Early 2013 , a rumor that the actress would maintain a liaison with the President of the Republic, François Hollande . She filed a complaint against X in March 2013 for "undermining the intimacy of private life. On 10 January 2014, the magazine Closer tabloids made ​​her "a " on the publication of a controversial reportage ( no cliché published shows François Hollande and Julie Gayet together ) expected to demonstrate the reality of rumeur12 , this publication received wide coverage in the press internationale
Julie Gayet at the American Film Festival of Deauville in 2007.
    1993 : The Little Apocalypse of Costa -Gavras
    1993 Three Colors: Blue Krzysztof Kieślowski
    1993: History of the boy who wanted to be kissed by Philippe Harel : a girl in the subway
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    1996 Delphine 1 , Yvan 0 Dominique Farrugia : Delphine
    1996 Select Hotel Laurent Bouhnik : Nathalie
    1997: Pleasure ( And Its Little Inconveniences ) of Nicolas Boukhrief : Vera
    1998 : It can not refuse to Eric Woreth : Marlene Kardelian
    1998 Sentimental Education CS Leigh Claire
    1999: Why not me? Stéphane Giusti : Eva
    1999: Gerard Mordillat Paddy Paddy
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    2013: Quai d' Orsay Bertrand Tavernier : Valérie Dumontheil
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