Karla Souza(Actress Nosotros Los Nobles 2013)

Date of Birth 1986 , Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Height     5' 4" (1.63 m) Best known as Karla Souza , is a Mexican actress of film, theater and television. She is the daughter of a Chilean father and Mexican mother . He earned national recognition by playing in the movie Barbie Noble We Nobles, debut director Alazraki Gaz , which is currently considered as the second highest grossing Mexican film in history after No refunds , which also participó.En 1993 was hired to be in the movie Aspen Extreme at age 7 years, it was there where he began to express his interest in acting .
Consequently , his parents decided to send her to study in France and England, where he studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama at the University of London. In Russia he won a scholarship to one of the best acting schools , theater company Moscow Arts Theatre , located in the city of Moscow.
In 2008 she debuted on television in series Terminals Televisa and Avenue Q theater , work that helped her get her role in the telenovela Verano de Amor produced by Peter Damian in 2009.
After she had her first starring role in the film The Effect Tequila and a small role in the television series Person Unknown in 2010 , the same year she gave life to Prisca , a Mennonite with dreams of being banda singer in the series tele Heroes North created by Gustavo Loza. In 2011 I had shares in From Prada to Nada and TV series Santo Niño . A year later he returned to work with Gustavo Loza on Cadena Tres series " The Clinic " , developing the role of Maripili , and his second starring role in Patria by Omar Chaparro and Adrian Uribe. In 2013 his third and fourth leading debuted in the film " Me Late Chocolate" by Osvaldo Benavides. That same year "We the Nobles " ( Gaz Alazraki film ) was released in becoming the second highest grossing film in the history of Mexico .
Among his upcoming projects are brand new " I Break For Gringos " and " The Jesuit " . Coming soon will perform the second season of " Santo Niño " and the third season of "Heroes of the North"
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