Irene Montala(Actress El Barco 2011-2013)

Date of Birth 18 July 1976 , Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Montalà Irene, is a Catalan actress. Born in Nou Barris, Barcelona. She began her career as an actress on television in Catalan television series as "Poblenou".
In 2004 appeared episodically in the Tell series as happened in 2007 returned to television with the series of Telecinco RIS Scientific, in 2008, he transferred to heirs, TVE, the hit public broadcaster, which coincided with great actors such as Concha Velasco or Carme Elias. These were some of the series in which he has participated. Also on the list we could find some like: Mirall Trencat (TV3 - 2002), where he taught the role of Sofia. The daughter of the protagonist. Also in Fons Sea where he taught the role of Judith.
But Irene where he was released to joining The Internship, successful mystery series of Antena 3, 2009. Taught the role of Rebecca. A teacher who at first seemed very calm, but it turned out to be a Nazi hunter. In 2010 he finished the series and his role well.
In 2010 he signed for the new series of Antena 3 Boat. That premiered on January 17, 2011. Their role is Julia Wilson, scientific del Barco.
Some of the films in which he has participated: Anarchist Women, Body Armour, Andalusia, all in the air, Your Life in 65, A ground level, Rottweiller, Summer Clouds, The best thing that can happen to a croissant, a madhouse or Fausto 5.0, among others. Many of them in French.
He has also worked in theater as Primera Plana, Phaedra, Lulu or The Criat.
He is currently participating in the Boat series with the role of Julia Wilson. It also has pending start recording the movie "Alpha" based on real events. It participated with two of the actors who accompanied him on The Internship as: Yon González and Marta Torne.
     A PIRANHA IN BIDET (1996), Charles Shepherd.
     AMIC / AMAT (1998), Ventura Pons.
     FAUSTO 5.0 (2001)
     PRINCE Viana (2001)
     A HOUSE OF CRAZY (2002), Cédric Klapisch.
     THE BEST THAT CAN HAPPEN TO A croissant (2003), Paco Mir.
     IRIS TV (2003)
     SUMMER CLOUDS (2004), by Felipe Vega.
     ROTTWEILER (2005) Brian Yuzna.
     RUSSIAN DOLLS (2005), by Cédric Klapisch.
     YOUR LIFE IN 65 '(2006), by Maria Ripoll.
     BOBY LOVE (2006)
     ANDALUCIA (2007), by Alain Gomis.
     ANARCHIST WOMAN (2008) by Peter Sehr and Marie Noelle.
    POBLENOU (1994)
    ROSA (1996)
    LA GRAND BATRE (1997) Como Faustine Cabreyrolle de Azérac
    MIRAL TRENCAT (2002)
    TEMPS FUGIT (2003)
    ALBERTE (2004) Mini serie España - Francia
    CUÉNTAME CÓMO PASÓ (2004-2005) Como Mila.
    MAR DE FONS (2006-2007) Como Judith.
    TEMPS DE SILENCI (2002)(1 capitulo)
    RIS CIENTÍFICA (2007) Como Ana Galeano.
    HEREDEROS (2008) Como Mónica.
    EL INTERNADO (2009 - 2010) Como Rebeca Benarroch.
    ALAKRANA (2010) Como Patricia, hija del Patrón.
    EL BARCO(2011 - act) Como Julia Wilson.