Gal Gadot(Actress Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016)

Born 30 April 1985 is an Israeli actress and former fashion model. As an actress, Gadot is known for her role, which began in 2009, as Gisele in The Fast and the Furious film series. From 2016 onwards, Gadot plays the role of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in the DC Extended Universe, starting with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
In previous years she had been among the top ten highest earning fashion models in Israel alongside Esti Ginzburg, Liraz Dror and Shlomit Malka, and falling behind only to Bar Refaeli.She is the face of Gucci's Bamboo perfume.
Gadot was born and raised in Rosh HaAyin, Israel.In Hebrew, her first name means "wave" and her surname means "riverbanks" or "shores".Her parents had Hebraized their surname from "Greenstein" to "Gadot".Her father is an engineer and her mother is a teacher. Her parents were born in Israel and her grandparents were immigrants from Europe (she has described her family background as "1/4 Polish Jewish, 1/4 Austrian Jewish, 1/4 German Jewish, and 1/4 Czech Jewish").Gadot has stated that she was brought up in a "very Jewish, Israeli family environment", and has a "strong sense of her Jewish and Israeli identity".
Military service
From the age of 18, Gadot served for two years as an enlisted soldier of the Israel Defense Forces, where she served as a combat instructor.She says of her time in the army: "You give two or three years, and it’s not about you. You give your freedom away. You learn discipline and respect".
Gadot had originally planned to become a lawyer.However, at the age of 18 years old, she attended and won the 2004 Miss Israel competition. After winning, she travelled to Ecuador to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. She did not place in the top 15. At the same age, Gadot joined the Israeli Army where she completed two years of military service.
After leaving the army, Gadot started at university, studying law. After finishing her first year at university, a casting director who saw her card called her to audition for the part of Bond girl Camille Montes in the film Quantum of Solace. She failed to win the part which went instead to Olga Kurylenko (who would years later also compete with Gadot in the audition for the part of Wonder Woman). However, as a result of the audition for Quantum of Solace, the casting director instead hired Gadot for the role of Gisele in Fast & Furious.
In 2007, the 21 year old Gadot took a part in the Maxim photo shoot "Women of the Israeli army," and as such she featured on the cover of the New York Post. In April 2012, Shalom Life ranked her Number 5 on its list of "the 50 most talented, intelligent, funny, and gorgeous Jewish women in the world", behind model Bar Refaeli and actress Eva Green.In 2014, Gadot was one of two Israeli actress along with Odeya Rush listed as an upcoming leading lady by InStyle magazine.
She has led international campaigns for Captain Morgan rum, Gucci fragrances and Vine Vera skincare ranges, and advertised Jaguar Cars. She is the face of Gucci's Bamboo perfume brand.She has featured as the covergirl on Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Bride Magazine, FHM. Gadot has been a model for Castro (whose fashion shows she also hosts).In 2013, her annual modelling salary was estimated at NIS 2.4 million, which was ahead of a number of other famous Israeli models such as Esti Ginzburg, Liraz Dror and Shlomit Malka (who campaigns for Ralph Lauren), although significantly behind Bar Refaeli.
In 2008, Gadot starred in the Israeli drama Bubot. She appeared as Gisele in Fast & Furious, the fourth film in The Fast & the Furious franchise, having won the role over six other actresses.In 2010, she had a small role in the action-adventure Knight and Day.Earlier that year, she appeared in the film Date Night as Natanya, the girlfriend of Mark Wahlberg's character. 2011 brought her back to The Fast & the Furious franchise, reprising her role as Gisele in Fast Five. In 2013, Gadot played Gisele again in Fast & Furious 6, where her character sacrifices her life to save her lover.
Gadot played Wonder Woman in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), and is signed for two future sequels which include the Justice League and a solo Wonder Woman film.Gadot received swordsmanship, Kung Fu kickboxing, capoeira and Brazilian jiu-jitsu training in preparation for the role.As a result, Gadot's performance as the superhero, which is the first time for the character on film, was hailed as one of the best parts of the otherwise poorly received film.
She had a small role in John Hillcoat's crime-thriller Triple 9, where she starred along with Kate Winslet and Aaron Paul.She was signed on to star in the film Criminal as Ryan Reynolds' character's wife.Gadot was also signed on a main role in the comedy film Keeping Up with the Joneses along with Isla Fisher and Jon Hamm.
Personal life
On 28 September 2008, Gadot married her boyfriend, the Israeli real estate developer Yaron Versano.The couple owned a luxury hotel in the Neve Tzedek district of Tel Aviv. In 2015, her husband Yaron Versano sold his Tel Aviv hotel to Roman Abramovich for $26 million.In November 2011, Gadot and Versano had a baby girl, Alma. The three live in Tel Aviv.
She is a motorcycle rider and owns a black 2006 Ducati Monster-S2R.She also plays volleyball, basketball and tennis.She says that at high school she was successful at basketball due to her height of 5 ft 10 in.
She did all her own stunts in the Fast & Furious films.She says "I think the main reason was that [the director] Justin Lin really liked that I was in the military, and he wanted to use my knowledge of weapons".
To transition from a fashion model body-type, to play the role of the action hero Wonder Woman, Gadot says that she has had to put on 17 pounds of muscle.She says she built up the muscle through doing "kung fu, kick boxing, sword fighting, jiu jitsu".
Year     Title     Role     Notes
2009     Fast & Furious     Gisele Yashar    
2010     Date Night     Natanya    
2010     Knight and Day     Naomi    
2011     Fast Five     Gisele Yashar    
2013     Fast & Furious 6     Gisele Yashar    
2014     Kicking Out Shoshana     Mirit     Israeli film
2015     Furious 7     Gisele Yashar     Photograph/Archive Footage
2016     Triple 9     Elena    
2016     Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice     Diana Prince / Wonder Woman    
2016     Criminal     Jill Pope     Post-production
2016     Keeping Up with the Joneses         Post-production
2017     Wonder Woman     Diana Prince / Wonder Woman     Filming
2017     Justice League Part One     Diana Prince / Wonder Woman     Pre-production
2019     Justice League Part Two     Diana Prince / Wonder Woman     Pre-production
Year     Title     Role     Notes
2007     Bubot     Miriam "Merry" Elkayam     Israeli series
2009     Entourage     Lisa     Episode: "Amongst Friends"
2009     The Beautiful Life     Olivia     Episodes: "The Beautiful Aftermath"
"The Beautiful Lie"
"The Beautiful Triangle"
2011     Asfur     Kika     Israeli series. Season 2.
2012     Katmandu     Yamit Bareli     Israeli series
2012     Eretz Nehederet     Herself     Israeli show. Episode: "Season 9, Episode 7"