Belen Rodriguez

María Belén Rodríguez Cozzani (born 20 September 1984) is an Argentine showgirl, model, television personality, actress, and media icon who lives and works in Italy. She is known by the name of Belén Rodríguez and has presented many variety shows. In 2009 and 2010, she has appeared in television commercials alongside actor Christian De Sica advertising a popular mobile phone network operating company. In December 2010, she made her acting debut as the female protagonist in the Italian film Natale in Sudafrica. In 2011 she was a co-presenter of the annual televised Italian singing contest, the Sanremo Music Festival. The following year, she substituted as co-presenter for the first two nights of the festival.
Belén was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Gustavo Rodriguez and Veronica Cozzani de Rodriguez. Her mother is of Italian descent, being the daughter of immigrants from La Spezia, Liguria. She began her modeling career at the age of 17 while still attending high school. Besides her native Argentina, she worked also in Miami and Mexico, before she moved to Italy in 2005; where she has worked as a model, showgirl and has presented variety shows such as Scherzi a parte, Love Bugs 4, and Sarabanda. In 2007, she made her television debut in a small local network, Teleboario, and later was hired to co-host the variety programme La Tintoria on Rai Tre, the third channel of the national television network.
She posed for Max magazine in June 2008, and in the autumn of the same year, she appeared on the reality show L'isola dei famosi, which was televised by Rai Due.
In 2009 and 2010, she appeared in television commercials, advertising a mobile phone network operating company. She also modelled jewellery during this period.
Belén was a guest performer at the prestigious, televised Italian song contest, the Sanremo Music Festival, where she sang a duet with singer Toto Cutugno on 18 February 2010.
At the end of 2010, she made her acting debut as the female protagonist in the Italian comedy film Natale in Sudafrica (Christmas in South Africa). In February 2011 she co-hosted the Sanremo Music Festival with Gianni Morandi and Elisabetta Canalis.
In 2012, she became a co-presenter on the televised talent show Italia's Got Talent alongside Simone Annicchiarico.
Alongside Elisabetta Canalis, Belén substituted for Ivana Mrazova as co-presenter of the 2012 Sanremo Music Festival for the first two nights due to Mrazova's neck pain. On the second night, Belén created a media sensation with her slit dress revealing a butterfly tattoo high on her inner right thigh.
Personal life
Following the break-up of her highly-publicised romance with Italian footballer Marco Borriello she has since been the companion of Sicilian photographer and television personality, Fabrizio Corona; and their relationship has been the subject of many gossip magazine articles.
In 2011 a sextape featuring Belén and Tobias Blanco, her former boyfriend, was posted on the internet.
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