Isolda Dychauk(Actress Borgia)

Isolda Dychauk was born in 1993 in Surgut (West Siberia) and moved to Berlin in 2002 with her mother. In addition to her native language Russian, she learned to speak German accent-free. In 2003, she was admitted to the Berlin based acting school Next Generation. Her camera debut was in 2004 with the short film Gimmy your shoes, directed by Anika Wangard, which was shown in late October 2009 at the Vienna International Film Festival.
She gained further experience in the 2007 family drama Das Geheimnis meiner Schwester, where she acted next to Marianne Sägebrecht. In the same year she acquired the role of Paula in the TV movie Nichts ist Vergessen. In the following years she appeared in several television series, including Polizeiruf 110, Tatort and The Old Fox.
In 2008, she landed her first film role as Bianca in Nana Neuls youth drama Mein Freund aus Faro. In 2010, she played Gretchen in the movie Faust, directed by Alexander Sokurov. In September 2011, the screen adaptation of the Tragedy by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival.
In the twelve-part European co-production Borgia, Dychauk played the role of Lucrezia, whose father was Rodrigo Borgia - later Pope Alexander VI - who was played by the American actor John Doman. Shooting took place from October 2010 until May 2011 in Prague's Barrandov Studios.
2007: Das Geheimnis meiner Schwester
2007: Nichts ist vergessen
2007: Polizeiruf 110, Episode Gefährliches Vertrauen
2007–2010: Unsere Farm in Irland, fünf Episoden
2008: Mein Freund aus Faro
2008: Tatort, Episode Borowski und das Mädchen im Moor
2008: Alles was recht ist
2008: Späte Rache – Eine Familie wehrt sich
2008: The Old Fox, Episode Tot und vergessen
2008: Stille Post
2009: 30 Tage Angst
2009: KRIMI.DE, Episode Filmriss
2010: Tatort, Episode Kaltes Herz
2010: Der Alte, Episode Rettungslos
2011: Polizeiruf 110, Episode Leiser Zorn
2011: Großstadtrevier, Episode Große Erwartungen
2011: Faust
2011: Borgia