Jessica Cirio

 Jessica Wanda Judith Cirio Perutich (born March 21, 1982 in Lanús, Buenos Aires Province) better known as Jésica Cirio is an Argentine model, dancer and vedette of Italian descent. She has appeared on the Argentine reality show Cámara en Mano as well as in pictorial spreads in Revista Hombre.Her first public appearance was in 1999, which made ​​a erotic clip on "Pasión Tropical". Later, he was called to the character of "niece" of Gerardo Sofovich in "Polémica en el Bar". In addition, special guest on "Cámara en Mano".
She was the host of Kubik, a TV programme broadcast in La Plata's America 2. She also took part in two popular Argentine-version contests Bailando por un sueño and Dancing on Ice.She now lives in the Puerto Madero neighborhood of Buenos Aires.
In 2004 she was called to be the hostess of the programme "Kubik" for America 2, where she remained until 2009, being replaced by Victoria Vanucci, and then for Ivanna Palliotti, Melina Pitra and Alejandra Maglietti.
In 2006, she participated in the first edition of Bailando por un Sueño, segment of "ShowMatch" for Canal 13, which made ​​it to the semi-finals. Jésica also participated in other television programs, in roles with which it was becoming more known.
In 2007, he participated in the first edition of Patinando por un Sueño, figure skating competition of the programme "ShowMatch", hosted by Marcelo Tinelli. The model demonstrated her talent on the track, and reached the semifinals, in which he lost to actress Anita Martínez, but also fulfilled the dream of a dreamer. She left 20 ° between 22 participants.
In February 2008, Jésica was invited by Chilevisión to the programme of celebrity gossip and entertainment SQP where she covered the details of the Festival of Viña del Mar, in Chile.
In 2008, she again took part in the fifth edition of Bailando por un Sueño.
In 2009, Jésica returned to Chile to participate in Fiebre de Baile and the series Infieles
In 2010 she was invited to the program Así Somos by the Chilean TV channel La Red and then she hosted with Roberto Menna (Bobby) Impacto 9 by Canal 9 and participate in Bailando por un Sueño 2010, which was eliminated but was planning to get off because of the death of the former boyfriend.
In late September 2011, after her trip to the United States of America, is summoned to host a program in New York.
In October 2011 JJésica Cirio is confirmed by Nito Artaza and Miguel Ángel Cherutti to star with Adabel Guerrero, Alejandra Maglietti, Estefanía Baca and Virginia Dobrich, the play called "Excitante" to be held in Mar del Plata.
From late-2011 throw early-2012 Jésica Cirio was in the theatre musical Excitante. The show presented itself in the theatre of Mar del Plata. The producer was Daniel Comba and the show was led and presented by Miguel Ángel Cherutti and Nito Artaza.
The musical finished in its fourth musical cycle and with Cirio as the co-lead vedette after supervedette Adabel Guerrero.The show was formed by Adabel Guerrero, Jésica Cirio, Alejandra Maglietti, Estefanía Bacca & Virginia Dobrich as well as Miguel Ángel Cherutti and Nito Artaza also Marcos “Bicho” Gómez, the late Estela Raval with Los 5 Latinos and Adrian Kiss the shows lead male dancer and acrobat.
Personal details
    Measurements: 90-60-92 (EU); 35-24-36 (US)
    Height: 1.70 m
    Nationality: Argentina; Italy
    1999 – Pasión tropical – América TV – Video.
    1999 – Polémica en el Bar (segmento) – Canal 9 – niece
    2004/2009 – Kubik – América 2 – Hostess.
    2005 – Noche de juegos – TVN – guest
    2006 – Bailando por un sueño – Canal 13 – competitor (7/9)
    2006 – Cámara en Mano – special guest.
    2007 – Patinando por un sueño – Canal 13 – competitor (20/22).
    2008 – SQP (Chile) – Chilevisión – Special journalist of the Festival of Viña del Mar
    2008 – Bailando por un sueño – Canal 13 – competitor (32/42).
    2008 – Teatro en Chilevisión – Chilevisión – actress
    2009 – Fiebre de baile – Chilevisión – competitor
    2009 – Infieles – Chilevisión – actress
    2010 – Así somos – La Red – special guest
    2010 – Impacto 9 – Canal 9 – hostess
    2010 – Bailando por un Sueño – Canal 13 – competitor (19/31).
    2012 – AM[disambiguation needed] – Telefe – guest
    2011 – "Excitante" (Nito Artaza and Miguel Ángel Cherutti) – Mar del Plata.