Malin Crépin

Date of Birth
22 August 1978, Stockholm, Sweden
Is a Swedish actress.
Crépin trained at the Theatre Academy in Malmö 1998-2002. She has since been active both at Stockholm City Theatre, and at the National Theatre. At the latter, she has had major roles including Lars Norén Terminal (2006, to include Joakim Nätterqvist) and Henrik Ibsen's Little Eyolf (also 2006) and in Jean Genet Virgin Spawning (2007). At the Stockholm City Theatre, she has been seen in the example View from a bridge (2002) and Wintering Rare (2008).
Crépin has also appeared in films and television series. 2009 she starred in the film In the Shadow of heat where she did the female lead.
Crépin plays the lead role as Annika Bengtzon when Liza Marklund's books have been filmed again. This time, there have been films in six of the nine books about Annika Bengtzon ("Studio Six", "Prime Time," "The red wolf", "Nobels Testament," "Life" and "A Place in the Sun"). The first film in the suite, Nobel's will, went up to the cinema March 2, 2012 and was released on DVD on June 20 the same year. The remaining five films then released on DVD in July and August of that year. The project had a total budget of 100 million, and adapted for the screen in 2011 and early 2012.
2003 - Assistant
2003 - Miffo - Anna
2005 - Laser Man - Annika
2007 - Up to struggle - Nina, a young prostitute
2009 - In Veins
2010 - Cornelis
2011 - Oslo, 31 August - Malin
2012 - Nobel - Annika Bengtzon
2012 - Prime Time - Annika Bengtzon
2012 - Studio Six - Annika Bengtzon
2012 - The red wolf - Annika Bengtzon
2012 - Lifetime - Annika Bengtzon
2012 - A Place in the Sun - Annika Bengtzon