Marta Etura

Date of Birth
28 October 1978, Donostia-San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, País Vasco, Spain
Is a Spanish film and television actress.
The daughter of a decorator and a businessman.From small but wanted to pursue acting at the request of his parents, he studied two years and a mounting direction.
To undertake these projects moved to Madrid and enrolled at the Cristina Rota School. To survive worked as a waitress and appeared in some commercials. Nothing finishing his studies, Joaquin Oristrell for the film was no shame in the last several actors of the school, including Etura Marta, who played at Bethlehem, a young actress who maintained a difficult relationship with his mother. In this film, his face was more combative, more independent and more anger inside, a mix of fragility and strength, vulnerability and toughness.
Eduard Cortés extracted again that record in anyone's life, where she portrayed Rosana, a nanny who fell in love with the father of a friend of the children to her care. The sullen character Marta seemed to push towards the twenty-profile enmity with the world, looking for their individuality only to defending from verbal aggression and a distant gesture. Marta managed to be nominated for the Goya Award for Best Actress.
Manuel Gutierrez Aragon broke that image and took out a softer interpretation both in the knight Don Quixote (2002) and in The Next Life (2004). Between one and the other shot the thriller 13 chimes-momentarily away from the drama, 'There is reason-where he participated in the collective film criticizing Spain's Popular Party and cold winter sun, which was placed on the skin Mimo, the daughter of a scrap dealer (Jose Manuel Cervino) that embittered his life and found love in Gonzalo (Javier Pereira), the son of a prostitute who would bring out his warmer side. Actors Union rewarded her with an Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
The following year he released Between living and dreaming, in which he shared a character infatuated with Carmen Maura and Lest I forget, in which he starred as Clara, the girlfriend of a young man (David Roger Coma) who knew his future mother (Irene Emma Vilarasau). Etura It suffered from the death of her boyfriend while rejecting Irene, just being able to console themselves with the friendship of the deceased grandfather (Matthew: Fernando Fernan Gomez) and sporadic sexual encounters with a co-worker (Antonio Victor Mosqueira), and finally opened a new chapter in his life to prevent tear down the house where Matthew was raised before the outbreak of war, which was removed from his family. For his role in the latter Marta received a Goya Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress that came to symbolize the passage between the young talent that was in 2001 and installed the actress in the industry already was.
Among the premiere of the film and the candidate, Marta shot DarkBlueAlmostBlack and Remake as well as the television series The Winds of water, starring Ernesto Alterio and her father, Hector Alterio. In the first played Paula, a woman imprisoned by mistake, which was aborted in prison and you want to get pregnant again Jorge (Quim Gutiérrez), a porter a degree in business from the UNED and is the brother of a prisoner named Antonio (Antonio de la Torre). The desire to overcome her motherhood frustrated, to begin life again as a degree in philology and social worker, Paula did a woman who brought hope to the life of the twenties, some warmth in a world where dreams do not materialize. According to the actress what most attracted the project was that his character, "despite being locked up, find the freedom to meet and know their real desires, not those imposed" [citation needed]. At the end of the year won a Goya nomination in the main category and the medal awarded by the Cinema Writers Circle.
In professional theater debut in 2007 with the book Awakenings and celebrations, led by their teacher Cristina Rota. In 2008 premiered the William Shakespeare classic Hamlet, alongside Juan Diego Botto, playing the role of Ophelia.
On February 14, 2010 wins the Goya for Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film Cell 211.
Since April 2011 is one of two vice-presidents of the Film Academy, headed by producer and distributor Enrique Gonzalez Macho.
Year Film Director,
2011 While sleep Jaume Balagueró
EVA 2011 Kike Maíllo
2009 Cell 211 Daniel Monzon
2009 Black Flowers David Careers
2008 Seven minutes Daniela Fejerman
2007 South Desert Shawn Garry
Casual Day 2007 Max Lemcke
2007 The Thirteen Roses Emilio Martinez Lazaro
2006 Daniel Sánchez Arévalo DarkBlueAlmostBlack
2005 Remake Roger Gual
2005 Lest I forget Patricia Ferreira
2004 Between living and dreaming Alfonso Albacete, David Menkes and Angeles Gonzalez Sinde
2004 There is reason number of Directors
Cold winter sun 2004 Paul Malo
2004 The Next Life Manuel Gutierrez Aragon
2002 The knight Don Quixote Manuel Gutierrez Aragon
2002 The life of anyone Eduard Cortés
2002 13 chimes Xavier Villaverde
2001 No shame Joaquin Oristrell
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