Romy Schneider

Date of Birth
23 September 1938, Vienna, Austria
Date of Death
29 May 1982, Paris, France (cardiac arrest)
Birth Name
Rosemarie Magdelena Albach-Retty
5' 3½" (1.61 m)
Mini Biography
Romy Schneider was born on 23 September 1938 in Vienna, Austria into a family of actors. Making her film debut at the age of 15, her breakthrough came two years later in the very popular trilogy Sissi (1955). Her mother, supervising the daughter's career, immediately approved Romy's participation in Christine (1958), the remake of Max Ophüls's Liebelei (1933), where Magda Schneider once starred herself. During the movies's shooting, she felt in love with her co-star Alain Delon and eventually moved with him to Paris. At that time, she started her international career collaborating with famous directors such as Luchino Visconti and Orson Welles. After Delon had broken up with her in 1964, she married Harry Meyen shortly after. Although she gave birth to a boy, David-Christopher, their relationship was difficult, so they divorced in 1975. Being unsatisfied with her personal life, she turned to alcohol and drugs, but her cinematic career -especially in France- remained intact. She was the first actress, receiving the new created César Award as "Best Actress" for her role in That Most Important Thing: Love (1975). Three years later, she was awarded again for A Simple Story (1978). After a short marriage to her former secretary Daniel Biasini, being the father of her daughter Sarah Biasini, she suffered the hardest blow of her life when her son was impaled on a fence in 1981. She never managed to recover from this loss and died on 29 May 1982 in Paris. Although it was suggested she committed suicide caused by an overdose of sleeping pills, she was declared to have died from cardiac arrest.
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Daniel Biasini (18 December 1975 - June 1981) (divorced) 1 child
Harry Meyen (15 July 1966 - June 1975) (divorced) 1 child
Daughter of Wolf Albach-Retty and Magda Schneider
Granddaughter of Rosa Albach-Retty and Karl Albach.
Engaged to Alain Delon from 1959 to 1964.
Mother of Sarah Biasini and David Haubenstock.
Portrayed on a postage stamp issued on Oct. 3, 1998 by the French Post Office.
In 8 Women (2002), when Louise (Emmanuelle Béart) shows a picture of her former employer, it is a picture of Romy Schneider.
Good friends with German Bundeskanzler Willy Brandt. She was one of many celebrities supporting his politics of social novation.
30 April 2005: Ranked #1 in a list by tabloid "Bild" searching the "50 most beautiful Germans ever".
Was good friends with French actor Jean-Claude Brialy and French TV presenter Michel Drucker.
Cesar award winner.
Stepfather was Hans-Herbert Blatzheim, a pub owner in Cologne/ Germany.
Her role as Chantal in Garde à vue (1981) was held by Monica Bellucci in the American remake of the film Under Suspicion (2000).
Was good friends with director Luchino Visconti.
Shares birthday with French stage actor Jean Piat, singer Ray Charles, actor Gino Paoli and Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.
Had a younger brother named Wolfgang Albach-Retty.
Her first husband Harry Meyen, a stage director, committed suicide in Hamburg on 15 April 1979.
Is buried at Boissy-Sans-Avoir cemetery.
Was nicknamed "Miss worried".
Her son - with Harry Meyen - David-Christopher (David Haubenstock) died in France on 5 July 1981 after being impaled on a fence.
After her first movie, Wolf Albach-Retty wrote his daughter: "Put your childhood in your pocket and run away because that's everything you have!".
Pedro Almodóvar's film All About My Mother (1999) is partially dedicated to her.
She never overcame the loss of her son. She suffered from depressions after his death resulting in an alcohol problem.
Pro-choice activist and supporter of the feminist movement.
1953: Graduated at the Goldstein boarding school near Salzburg, Austria.
24 November 2006: Ranked #3 in a survey by network ZDF searching Germany's all-time favorite actor, which made her the highest ranked woman.
2000: Is portrayed on a 110 + 50 pfennig postage stamp by Deutsche Post.
Was good friends with Marlene Dietrich, one of her idols.
1999: Was voted "Greatest actress of all time" by the readers of French newspaper "Le Parisien".
Her last longtime companion was Laurent Pétin, who found her dead in her Paris apartment on 29 May 1982. Although she was declared to have died from cardiac arrest, the media suggested that she committed suicide by taking a cocktail of alcohol and sleeping pills.
Alain Delon placed a piece of paper with the following words on her tomb: "Tu n'as jamais été aussi belle, tu vois j'ai appris quelques mots allemands pour toi: Ich liebe dich meine Liebe" (You have never been so beautful, you see that I learned some words in German for you: I love you my love).
30 October 1974: Her appearance on "Je später der Abend..." (1973) made German television history when she passionately remarked to Burkhard Driest, a bank robber and author: "Sie gefallen mir. Sie gefallen mir sehr." (I like you. I like you a lot.).
The Prix Romy Schneider, named after her, has been awarded to young actresses by the French movie business since 1984.
Her favorite co-star was the French actor Michel Piccoli.
Best friends with French actor Michel Piccoli.
Was close friends with Yves Montand.
Is portrayed by Yvonne Catterfeld in "Romy" (2011) and Jessica Schwarz in Romy (2009) (TV).
Was once considered and in talks with director Claude Lelouch to play the part of Anne Gauthier (that eventually went to Anouk Aimée) in A Man and a Woman (1966), but couldn't come to an agreement.
Engaged to Horst Buchholz (1957-1958).
Recorded with Michel Piccoli the song entitled "Helene", for their film The Things of Life (1970)).
In January 1981, Alain Delon and Romy were named "the actors preferred by the public" in a French magazine.
She smoked up to three packets of Marlboro cigarettes per day.
A telephone chart representing Romy circulated in France in 1994, at the time of a campaign celebrating French cinema, with images of actors and actresses extracted from films and showing them on the telephone. The phone card with Romy, was a photograph extracted from The Swimming Pool (1969)).
Good friend Simone Signoret convinced Romy to do her last film after the tragic death of her son David.
Friends with Austrian actor Helmut Berger and French designer Coco Chanel. She would often wear clothes design by Chanel during the 1960s and 1970s.
Half-sister of Sacha Darwin.
Is close friends with her Sissi co-star Karlheinz Bohm.
Personal Quotes
Sissi sticks to me just like oatmeal.
Life must go on. My work gives me strength.
I have the feeling that I was born in Vienna in order to live in Paris.
[Alain Delon] Delon? Nothing is colder than a love that has passed away.
Memories are the best things in life, I think.
You must not quote to me what I once said. I am wiser now.
I've worked with the biggest tyrants: [Otto Preminger] Preminger, [Orson Welles] Welles, [Luchino Visconti] Visconti. Despots - they have contempt for most actors. When they meet someone who stands up to them, everything's great.
I am nothing in life, but everything on the screen.
One can remain eternally young if each day, one grows rich by marvelous moments. I am convinced that at the end of my life, all these sufferings and all these joys, the memories, the goods like the bad ones, give us a heat which resembles those that give us and which love us.
I cannot live without having a role to work.
I wish to present myself in front of the camera, each time under the features of a different woman, I would like to live and apprehend the problems, the conflicts, the feelings and the impulses of women radically different from me.
I am not afraid of nothing in the world. Except ego.
I want to learn, I want to develop, I want to discover all that is in me.