Trish Stratus

Date of Birth
18 December 1975, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Birth Name
Patricia Anne Stratigias
Trish Stratus
5' 4" (1.63 m)
Mini Biography
Patricia Anne Stratigias, better known as Trish Stratus, is marketed as a former wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Before she became a mainstay in professional wrestling, she was a student at York University in Toronto, Canada where she majored in Biology and Kinesiology. While in school, the professors went on strike and then she worked as a receptionist at a local fitness club. There she was soon discovered by an agent who landed her a job to become a fitness model.
Her success as a fitness model eventually caught the attention of a WWE talent official who sent her a letter, offering her a contract. Around that time other wrestling promotions had also offered her a similar contract, but she decided to sign with the WWE. She then made her WWE debut in March 19, 2000 on Sunday Night Heat, where she formed the tag team of T & A with Test and Albert. She also became the manager of then WWE Intercontinental Champion, Val Venis.
Trish Stratus is highly regarded as a self-proclaimed WWE Diva. Among her list of accomplishments; she was voted Internet Babe of the Year for three consecutive years in 2001, 2002 and 2003, along with winning the "Diva of the Decade" award for the WWE Raw 10th Anniversary Special, she has also graced the cover of the annual WWE Divas Magazine four times in 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2006. Finally, she holds the record for being the only woman in WWE history to win the WWE Women's Championship seven times. On September 17, 2006, she made her official retirement from professional wrestling. After an amazing seven year career, she will be remembered for the legacy she left behind during her time with the WWE.
Mini Biography
Patricia Anne Stratigias, also known as Trish Stratus, is a former valet and wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Before her start with the WWE, she studied at York University in Toronto, Canada. There she majored in both Biology and Kinesiology with plans of becoming a doctor. While attending York University, the professors went on strike, and she worked as a receptionist at a local gym where she was soon discovered by an agent who then signed her to become a fitness model.
Her success as a fitness model led to many public appearances including one with Live Audio Wrestling (LAW) where she expressed her interest to get involved with professional wrestling. Soon this caught the attention of several WWE talent officials who approached the young beauty by sending her a letter offering her a contract to sign with the WWE. At that time she had also received offers from numerous rival wrestling promotions, including World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), however, she turned them down and eventually signed with the WWE. On March 19, 2000 on Sunday Night Heat, she made her official WWE debut when she formed the tag team stable of T & A with Test and Albert. She then became the valet of then WWE Intercontinental Champion, Val Venis.
Afterward, she was involved in a brief affair with WWE owner Vince McMahon which sparked an intense confrontation between her and his daughter Stephanie McMahon. The bitter feud lasted until Wrestlemania 17 where she slapped Vince McMahon and screwed him out of a match against his son Shane McMahon in a Street Fight with Linda McMahon in his corner. Soon she became a fixture in the women's division, as she began to dedicate her time in the gym and improve on her wrestling abilities. Ultimately, this led to her capturing her first WWE Women's Championship on November 18, 2001 at Survivor Series. She has also certified herself as a bona fide WWE Diva by being voted Internet Babe of the Year in 2001, 2002, and 2003. She then earned the highest honor by winning the "Diva of the Decade" award for the WWE Raw 10th Anniversary Special.
Trish Stratus continued to be an asset on WWE Raw for several years by getting herself involved in major storylines with several WWE wrestlers. Finally, on September 17, 2006 at Unforgiven in her hometown of Toronto, Canada, she made a storybook ending when she captured her seventh WWE Women's Championship. This also marked her early retirement from professional wrestling after seven years with the business as she went on to pursue other interests. Trish Stratus is currently making her mark on the entertainment industry and to the rest of the world, she is an international icon.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Mr. Charisma
Ron Fisico (30 September 2006 - present)
Trade Mark
Finishing move: Stratusfaction (Springboard bulldog)
Finishing move: Chick Kick (Roundhouse Kick)
Trademark move: The MaTrish (bridging evasion, just like in the movie Matrix)
Trademark Move: Whirlybird Headscissors
Finishing move: Bulldog (2000)
Trademark move: Air Canada (Lou Thesz Press with punches)
Trademark move: StratusFear (Handstand Frankensteiner)
Trademark move: Whirlybird Headscissors (Handstand Cross-Legged Swinging Headscissors)
Trademark move: Double Leg Spinebuster
Trademark move: Backhand Chop where she sometimes licks her hand before delivering one
Trademark move: Victory Roll
Spokesperson & representative for WNSA (World Natural Sports Association).
An accomplished fitness model.
Diva who has managed Test, Albert (as a tag team T&A) Val Venis, Kurt Angle, Vince McMahon, Bubba Ray Dudley, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Christian, Tyson Tomko, Viscera, Ashley Massaro, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, and Carlito.
Former co-host of "WWF Excess" (2001), with Jonathan Coachman.
Has 2 sisters; Christie and Melissa.
Collects a shot glass for every city/town she visits.
Owns a silver Cadillac STS & a 1967 Camaro SS.
Her mother Alice is a teacher of Polish descent, and her father John is a real estate agent of Greek descent
Attended York University, Toronto and was pre-med in Biology. Was aspiring to become a doctor before a teachers strike interrupted school. Then came the WWF (now WWE) and she hasn't looked back.
Named WWF/E Babe of the Year three times (2001, 2002, 2003), as chosen by Internet fans. Made the Cover of the WWE Divas Magazine (2002 & 2003) and won the title of Best WWE Diva (2003).
Was named "Diva of the Decade" during the RAW 10th Anniversary Special.
Won Fox Sports 'Girl Next Door' Hottest Female Athlete (2004) in which she competed against 32 other mainstream female athletes in sports entertainment.
The first and only WWE Diva (aside from Fabulous Moolah) to win the Women's Championship on several occasions (six times).
In 1999, Trish got her foot in the door as far as wrestling is concerned by joining radio show Live Audio Wrestling as a co-host.
Trained by Ron Hutchinson, the same man responsible for training the likes of Edge, Christian, Johnny Swinger and Tiger Ali Singh.
She's been featured in a number of fitness and modeling publications including Muscle Mag International, the Fit Health Journal, Oxygen magazine and the UK's Optimum Health and Fitness among others.
Is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan
Has held the record (aside from Gillberg) to hold the Women's Championship for an entire year since winning the title on New Year's Revolution 2005. [2006]
Officially announced her retirement on August 28th, 2006 during "WWF Raw" (1997).
Won the Women's Title in her final match against Lita on September 17th, 2006 at WWE Unforgiven (2006) (TV) in Toronto, Canada by using Bret Hart's finishing move, The Sharpshooter. Due to her retirement, the title was vacated and later won by Lita at WWE Cyber Sunday (2006) (TV) following a 7 week tournament.
Married her high school sweetheart, Ron on September 30th 2006 in Toronto after 14 years together.
Although she won the now-defunct World Wrestling Entertainment/Federation (WWE/F) Hardcore Championship, she is not recognized as a Hardcore Champion.
From years of wrestling, took yoga to heal an injured disc in her back.
Is a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor and plans one day to teach classes at her yoga studio.
Her husband, Ron, is a builder and constructed her yoga studio.
On April 26th 2008 she opened a 5,200 square foot yoga studio, Stratusphere Yoga, at Vaughan Mills shopping complex in North Toronto, Canada with business partner and high school friend Janette Lynn.
Auditioned for a role in Friday the 13th (2009).
Personal Quotes
I deliver Stratusfaction 100% guaranteed.
Stratusfaction Guaranteed!
Where Are They Now
(March 2003) Won her fourth WWE Women's Title at Wrestlemania 19 by defeating Victoria & Jazz
(November 2003) Is the subject of a love-sick 'Y2J' Chris Jericho.
(March 2004) Turned on Chris Jericho during his match with Christian at Wrestlemania XX.
(June 2004) Is having back spasms and also broke her wrist during a match.
(June 2004) Captured her fifth WWE Women's Champsionship at Bad Blood 2004 when she beat Lita, Victoria and Gail Kim in a Fatal Four Way match.
(December 2004) Lost her Woman's Championship belt to Lita in Sanford, North Carolina
(December 2004) ## Lost the Women's Title to Lita on the 12-06-2004 episode of Raw.
(January 2005) ## Won her 6th WWE Women's Title when she defeated Lita at New Year's Revolution when she hit Lita with the Chick Kick.
(April 2005) Successfully defended her Women's Title against Raw Diva Search Winner & Playboy Covergirl Christy Hemme at WrestleMania 21 when Trish hit Christy with the Chick Kick.
(September 2005) Will be teaming up with Ashley Massaro to go against Torrie Wilson and Victoria at Unforgiven.
(September 2005) Returned to Raw, helping Ashley out against Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle, and Victoria.
(November 2005) Defended the Women's Title by winning the 6-Women Fulfill Your Fantasy Diva Battle Royal at Taboo Tuesday 2005.
(November 2005) Successfully defended the Women's Title against Melina at Survivor Series 2005.
(December 2005) Was set to face Mickie James in New Year's Revolution 2006 for the Womens Title
(January 2006) Will be the special guest referee in the match between Ashley and Mickie James at WWE Royal Rumble 2006.
(March 2006) Betrayed by Mickie James after they won against Victoria and Candice Michelle in a tag match at Saturday Night's Main Event.
(April 2006) Will defend the Womens Title against Mickie James In Chicago at Wrestlemania 22
(April 2006) Lost the Women's Championship to Mickie James at WrestleMania 22 after a 15 month reign as champion.
(April 2006) Will face Mickie James at Backlash for the WWE Women's Championship.
(July 2006) Made her return to WWE. Her contract expires in August, is now negotiating. Will be taking time off in September due to her Wedding to her long-term boyfriend.
(September 2006) Will retire from WWE after Unforgiven 2006. Her last match will be against Lita at her hometown Toronto.
(September 2006) Retired from the WWE as Women's Champion on September 17th and is due to marry her boyfriend of 14 years, Ron, on the 29th.
(December 2006) Has been sworn in as a police officer for the CBS reality show "Armed and Famous".
(2008) Is currently filming a travel show called 'Stratusphere' for Discovery HD and the Travel Channel, set to air in August.