Cat Deeley

Date of Birth
23 October 1976, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, England, UK
Birth Name
Catherine Elizabeth Deeley
5' 9" (1.75 m)
Trade Mark
Typically hosts her shows barefoot
Ranked 7th sexiest woman in FHM. [2001]
Came in at #12 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Girls of 2002 poll, UK edition. [June 2002]
Won award: Favourite UK cable personality - The Scorpio Multimedia Cable TV Awards 2002.
Along with Patrick Kielty, was a host of The Prince's Trust 30th Birthday: Live (2006) (TV).
Is the voice of "Loretta Geargrinder" in the UK version of the film Robots (2005) (replacing Natasha Lyonne, who voiced the character for the original American version).
When she was 7, wanted to host TV shows. Loves trashy talk shows.
While presenting "SM:TV Live" (1998), she often acted as the assistant to visiting guest magicians, taking part in a number of different illusions. Although she took part in many different illusions, such as being made to vanish or having her head apparently chopped off by a guillotine, the most common was for her to be sawed in half, an illusion she took part in several times during her time on the show.
Her house in Los Angeles used to belong to Marilyn Monroe.
Is friends with fashion designer Matthew Williamson, and often wears his designs to public events.
She shortened her name to Cat after signing up with the Storm modeling agency because they already had several other models named Catherine on their books.
While at school, she played the clarinet in Sandwell Youth Concert Band.
Magician David Copperfield once sawed her in half using the antique "Buzz Saw" illusion that Orson Welles used to saw Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe in half.
Cat was the first British celebrity to be sawed in half in the Clearly Impossible version of the famous illusion, which uses transparent boxes that allow a view inside them at all times during the illusion.
Personal Quotes
[on Ryan Seacrest]: Ryan Seacrest should get it. He's brilliant. He's an absolute professional. . . . But if he is busy, I will be more than happy to clip myself into a frock . . . and get down there.
[When she replaced Lauren Sanchez as hostess of "So You Think You Can Dance" (2005), for the show's second season]: When I first started the show, I said that I'd really like to be involved in the audition process. I wanted to develop a relationship with the dancers right from the beginning. I didn't want them to suddenly turn up to the studio eight weeks into the process and say, 'Hold on a second, who's the English bird?' If it's 5 a.m. and freezing cold and snowing in New York City and they're lining up outside for auditions, I am too.
[on getting back into shape]: I try to do yoga three times a week and eat healthily - although nothing is off limits and I drink lots of water.
[on her last taping day of Pop Show in England]: I've had a great few years, met some really incredible people and been given some wonderful opportunities.
(On being sawed in half by David Copperfield using his antique "Buzz Saw" illusion) Even though I'd been sawed in half lots of times before, it was still quite scary, because the saw blade was huge and all too real. And, with no box over me, I was able to look down and see the saw going right through my bare waist and into the wood underneath me - I could even see my skin rippling as the saw cut through it. But it didn't really hurt, just tickled a bit, and it was quite an honour to have the chance to do it, as David doesn't usually use it in his shows and just saves it for special occasions.
People always say to me, 'You're exactly the same as you are on the telly.' I'm always taken aback, because yes, I'm exactly the same. I don't play a character. Certain facets of my personality are heightened, because you need to project a bit more on the telly, but essentially I am exactly the same.
[If there were serious doubts about whether American audience would warm to her, or even understand her British accent]: I was very aware that the only thing that had changed with the show in the second season was me. So if it bombed, I would be the big, bad English scapegoat they'd ship back off home. You have to be logical about it. You can't just suddenly come over here all sort of wide-eyed. You have to work it out and make it your own, make yourself a bit indispensable. I wanted to become part of the infrastructure.
[on the SM:TV incident when, after she'd been sawed in half, Ant and Dec had 'stolen' her halves]: I really couldn't believe it when they did it. There I was, sawed in half and laying there in two pieces with solid steel blades going right through my waist, unable to move and nothing to do except wait to be put back together again. And then in they come and start wheeling my halves off in opposite directions. I was like 'hey, what are you guys doing?' At least they put me back together again afterwards - Although it was a while before I agreed to be sawed in half again.
Where Are They Now
(2006) Hosting US program: "So You Think You Can Dance" (2005).