Lucy Liu

Country USA
Born December 2, 1968
Age 45 years
Famous as Actress
An accomplished Asian-American actress, Lucy Liu was born on December 2, 1968. Having completed training courses in singing, dancing, and fine arts, Liu snagged the lead part of her alma mater's theater production when she was in fourth year college. This success encouraged her to pursue an acting career and went to L.A. to audition for movie roles.
She first appeared as a guest star in the series "Beverly Hills 90210" in 1990. Liu then continued to appear in other TV shows such as "The X-Files", "NYPD Blue", and "ER". Her next projects included a spot in the movie "Jerry Maguire" and a regular part in the hit series "Ally McBeal". In 2000, Liu was included in the cast of "Shanghai Noon" and the blockbuster flick "Charlie's Angels".