Maribel Verdu

Maribel Verdu was born on October the 2nd 1970 in Madrid and she is a Spanish actress. Maribel Verdu made appearances in almost 50 movies from 1984 to 2003.
Biography and Career :
Maribel Verdu is probably best known to English-speaking audiences for her role in the 2001 film, Y tu mama tambien.
Maribel Verdu's first experience was as a teenager model doing spots, and fashion catalogs for famous firms such as "La Casera," "El Crte Ingles," Mc Donalds," Aunque su primera experiencia fue como modelo adolescente en spots y catalogos de moda de firmas como La Casera, El Corte Ingles, McDonald's. Opportunity knocked on Maribel Verdu's door at age 13 to act in television. Maribel Verdu performed in "El crimen del capitan Sanchez" which was directed by Vicente Aranda.
Maribel V
erdu's father didn't agree at the beginning for his daughter to enter the artistic world, but her mother always thougt it was a great idea.
Her father later on realized that it was a serious carrer. Maribel Verdu left school at age 15 to fully dedicate her time to her promising career as an actress. Her first movie was "El sueno de Tanger" having Fabio Testi as a co-star, but it didn't hit as much as expected.
It wasn't until the premiere of "27 horas" - which got her the prize of "Revelacion, " and "El ano de las luces," to Maribel Verdu start to shine. Maribel Verdu's performance as a drugatic girl in Montxo Armendariz's movie.
Maribel Verdu got married in 1999 with Pedro Larranaga, son of the actors Carlos Larranaga, and Maria Luisa Merlo.
Trivia :
- Her favourite meal is garlic white rice, and her drink is "el cava."
- She likes Vicente Aranda as the best national directo, and Sydney Pollack as the best international director.
- She loves to read, and listen to music.