Nastassja Kinski

Country Germany
Born January 24, 1961
Age 49 years
Famous as Actress

This is one celeb whose physique was sculpted through a childhood spent on dancing. Some people (those who are not her fans) would simply say that her breasts are too small, but then again, it's not the boobs that her fans love about her. It's her overall perfect physique, which is something worth seeing again and again.

In 1982, she appeared nude along with many other celebs like Lynn Lowry and Annette O'Toole. Nastassja showed her bush, ass, and breasts in a 1982 flick. If you want a more recent movie, try the 2000 movie Red Letters, where you can take a fast peek at her delectable nipples. You will see her topless as she threw off the sheets when her guy approached her. Indeed, this is one celeb whose staying power in the industry is no longer in question.