Noelia Monge

Noelia Lorenzo Monge Born August 31, 1979 in San Juan, Puerto Rico,mostly known as Noelia, is a Puerto Rican pop singer who rose to fame in 1999. She is the first daughter of Puerto Rican singer Yolandita Monge.
Her self-titled debut album was certified as a gold album in the United States. During her career she has had nine Latin Billboard Top 40 hits. A Latin Billboard Award Winner.
Musical career
Noelia started working on her first full-length album in 1998. The self-titled album was finally released in 1999, making her debut at The Madison Square Garden . The album produced the hit single "Tu", written by Estéfano. She has sold almost 4 Million Albums Including almost 1 Million in the U.S from her firs debut Album. RIAA Certified GOLD in the U.S.
In 2000 she released her second album, Golpeando Fuerte.
Her third album, Natural, released in 2003 featured another hit song, "Clávame Tu Amor", which peaked at #5 on Billboard Hot Latin Tracks.The album also featured songwriting contributions from her then boyfriend, Alexis Grullón.
In 2004, she surprised with her fourth studio album titled Melao, which was a fusion of pop with reggaeton.The album was produced by reggaeton producer, DJ Eric, and features Yamil sharing lead vocals with Noelia. They also co-wrote most of the songs of the album.
In 2006, she returned to her musical roots with the album 40 Grados, produced by Adrián Posse. The album featured the single "Como Duele", which was nominated by Billboard as Pop Song of the Year.The song was also chosen as the theme for the Mexican telenovela Barrera de Amor and peaked at #8 on Billboard Hot Latin Songs.
In 2007, she released her sixth full-length album titled Volverte a Ver.
She has been working on two albums, her first English Single for the European market was titled Caribbean Queen and was released in May 2009 for the Italian Market only a few more Places in Europe, The song is a cover version of Billy Ocean's hit song of 1984 with added Lyrics by Noelia.
In 2009 Actress and Top Model Elisabetta Canalis released in Italy a compilation Album called "TOP HITS by Hollywood-Milano" 2009 (Sony-BMG) this album inlcluded the most sucessful singers from America in Europe, Inlcuding Noelia's Caribbean Queen Reloaded Version, Katy Perry, Pink, Lady Gaga, The compilation was awarded with Platinum status on the first week of sales.
In 2010 Noelia made a soft release "Digital only" not to radio, Digital for the U.S Market Called "Here I Go Again", and original song written and prodeced by British Producer Si Hulbert. 2008
Recently in mid 2011 Noelia have made history on the Hispanic Market in the United States by breaking a record for online audience with her intimate online Concert produced by Hispanic Media Giant Univision, the concert achieved more than 3.5 million Viewers. It is a record with no precedent in History of Hispanic or Spanish online events.
Personal life
Noelia, the first daughter of Puerto Rican singer and actress Yolandita Monge and Uruguayan businessman Alfredo Lorenzo,showed interest in music from childhood.Noelia has two half-siblings from Monge's subsequent marriages, sister Paola and brother Imanol.
Noelia has been romantically involved to show business personalities throughout her career. She had a four-year relationship with former MDO member, Alexis Grullón.In 2004, she also had a brief relationship with rapper Yamil, with whom she worked on the album Melao. As of 2007, she was in a relationship with Mexican producer, Jorge Reynoso, who is also managing her international career.Rumors have circulated about them getting married, but both have denied it.
In June 2007, a sex tape of Noelia and former boyfriend Yamil started circulating on the Internet, which caused a media hype around her person.In August 2007, Noelia accused her stepfather and former manager, Topy Mamery, of sexually assaulting her back in 2003; she claimed to have filed a lawsuit, calling singer Ricardo Montaner as a witness.However, Mamery denied having received any lawsuit,and Montaner denied ever having been called to testify. During an interview with Primer Impacto, Montaner was asked about this and he said, "I have never seen anything weird (between Noelia and Mamery). Mamery is a gentleman that has loved Noelia as his daughter."
Topy Mamery claims that he was not the first person Noelia had accused of sexual assault. In the last five years, the singer had pointed the finger at Guillermo Santiso, former president of Fonovisa (her old record label), and singer Alejandro Montaner, son of Ricardo Montaner.Noelia have deniend many times on the media that she have never made any accusation towards any of the individual that Mamery have mention only him.
It was widely made public that Topy Mamery was in fact who filtered the private video of the star in 2007.Weeks later, Mamery sued Noelia and Jorge Reynoso in Federal Court for defamation and libel.In February 2008, Noelia's lawyer decided to quit representing Noelia in the defamation lawsuit against her.In May 2008, the judge José A. Fusté did an annotation of defiance to the singer Noelia and to her partner and manager, Jorge Reynoso, in favor of the petition presented by Mamery, who sued the couple for defamation for knowingly making a false declaration that he had sexually assaulted Noelia.However, on June 13, 2008, Fusté dismissed the case by declaring that there was no defamation or libel since Mamery was a public figure. Fusté concluded that "although it is true there might be some indication that Reynoso could be connected to the website where the video was sold, the court could not say for sure if he was the one that put it" up for sale. Fusté also reprimanded both sides for public airing of their personal issues.

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