Amanda Holden

Date of Birth 16 February 1971 , Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire, England, UK
Mini Bio
She is an actress, known for Britain's Got Talent (2007), Britain's Got More Talent (2007) and Ready When You Are Mr. McGill (2003). She has been married to Chris Hughes since December 10, 2008. They have three children. She was previously married to Les Dennis.
Chris Hughes     (10 December 2008 - present) (3 children)
Les Dennis     (4 June 1995 - 18 November 2003) (divorced)
Trained to be an actress for 3 years at London's Mountview Theatre School.
Has a younger sister, Debbie, a model.
Her first TV appearance was in 1990 at the age of 19 as an unsuccessful contestant on Cilla Black's dating game show Blind Date (1985).
She and her husband Les Dennis separated in 2002 following her affair with Neil Morrissey. They divorced in November 2003.
She was nominated for a 2004 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best Actress in a Musical of 2003 for her performance in "Thoroughly Modern Millie", performed at the Shaftesbury Theatre.
Studied at The Jellicoe Theatre in Poole.
Auditioned for the role of Tiffany Mitchell in EastEnders (1985), but Martine McCutcheon was cast instead.
Gave birth to her 1st child at age 34, a daughter Alexa Louise Florence Hughes on January 20, 2006. Child's father is her fiancé (now 2nd husband), Chris Hughes.
(December 10, 2008) Married for the 2nd time her longtime boyfriend Chris Hughes & father of her 2-year-old daughter Alexa following a 4-year-long engagement.
Miscarried her future 2nd child with her 2nd husband at Chris Hughes 4 months of pregnancy. [May 2010]
Gave birth to her 2nd child at age 39, a stillborn son Theo Hughes on February 1, 2011 (he was 2 months premature). Child's father is her 2nd husband, Chris Hughes.
Was 8 months pregnant with her daughter Hollie when she took maternity leave from judging Britain's Got Talent (2007).
Gave birth to her 3rd child at age 40, a daughter Hollie Rose Hughes on January 23, 2012. Child's father is her second husband, Chris Hughes.
Did not see her daughter Hollie for 3 days after giving birth to her due to both mother and child being in critical danger. Hollie was put on a respirator due to breathing difficulties and Holden needed several blood transfusions due to a severe amount of blood loss.
Returned to work 1 month after giving birth to her daughter Hollie to resume presenting Britain's Got Talent (2007).
Personal Quotes
I had a weekend job in a shoe shop to get me through college. I had a grant, but when you study in London you need as much money as you can get. I also once sprayed perfume in Boots for a week, but I couldn't stand the smell.
"Doing Top of the Pops (1998) is one of my ambitions but I don't want to be one of those actresses who suddenly goes: "oh yeah, I always wanted to be a pop star". I always wanted to show I could perform and then maybe release something once I'd proved myself. Considering my age, I'm not going to wear crop tops and try to be Britney. I like country but I don't think "Amanda Holden's Country Album" would be a huge seller. Maybe a bit more of a crossover like Shania Twain. I wouldn't mind covering Dolly Parton's Nine To Five".
[after hearing Susan Boyle's performance of I Dreamed a Dream on Britain's Got Talent 2009] That's the biggest wake-up call ever.
[Susan Boyle] She'll be an international superstar - but I don't think she'll have longevity. This world is fickle; we pick people up and spit them out just as quick.
[to Susan Boyle for the Britain's Got Talent 2009 final] I am proud you represent Britain so brilliantly. I just want to apologize for...the way we treated you before you sang the first time. You made me and everyone else look very stupid.
[listening to Susan Boyle on CD] Her voice rang out in the darkness and it was the most ethereal, spiritual moment ever.
[on Susan Boyle] She's gone from a woman who nobody knew to worldwide fame.