Emma Rigby

Born 26 September 1989 is an English actress. She is best known for playing the role of Hannah Ashworth in long-running soap opera Hollyoaks, Gemma Roscoe in BBC One drama series Prisoners' Wives and as the Red Queen in American fantasy-drama Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.
Early life
Rigby was born in St Helens, Merseyside, and has one older sister, Charlotte. She attended De La Salle High School in St Helens, but left in 2006 to focus on her role as Hannah Ashworth in Hollyoaks. Despite her busy filming schedule in Hollyoaks, Rigby received 9 A/A* in her GCSE exam results.
Rigby's first acting role was Lisa Gunstone in Born and Bred. Before getting the role as Hannah Ashworth in Hollyoaks, she had a few minor roles and appeared in popular soap Brookside as Elena Jones. In addition to acting, Rigby has also done some modelling work.[vague] In 2005, Rigby got the role as Hannah Ashworth in Hollyoaks at the age of 15. She was given praise and recognition for her anorexia storyline, in which she was nominated for various awards.
In November 2008, Rigby announced she was leaving Hollyoaks to pursue other projects, and would remain on-screen until June 2009. However, after meetings with soap bosses, it was later confirmed that Rigby had extended her contract for an additional six months and would remain on-screen until February 2010. Her final episode was broadcast on 11 February 2010. In July 2010, Rigby made her debut in the West End psycho-sexual thriller musical Wolfboy. She had a non-singing part, playing the role of nurse Cherry. She received positive feedback from critics. In 2011, Rigby starred as Brandy Mulligan in online series Becoming Human. She also had a main role in British horror film Demons Never Die as Samantha and then later on in 2011 she had a minor role in the first episode of C4 comedy Fresh Meat as Rachel. In 2012, she had a guest role in Pramface as Mike's Blind Date Carrie-Ann.
In December 2011, it was announced that Rigby would be starring in brand new six-part drama series Prisoners' Wives along with Jonas Armstrong. The show's first episode aired on 31 January 2012 with Rigby playing Gemma Roscoe, a young pregnant girl whose life falls apart when her husband is arrested for murder. The sixth and final episode of the series was broadcast on 6 March 2012. In January 2013 Rigby appeared in episode four of Ripper Street as Lucy Eames. In April 2013 she appeared in episode one of The Job Lot, and was also cast in a lead role as the Red Queen in the U.S. television series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.
Film Year     Title     Role     Notes
2009     A Kingdom without a King     Alicia Waterstone     Short
2010     Talk     Eloise     Short
2011     Analogue Love     Maggie     Short
2011     Demons Never Die     Samantha Rearden    
2013     The Physician     Rebecca    
2013     The Counsellor     Tony's Girlfriend    
2014     Endless Love     Jenny    
2014     Plastic     Frankie     Post-production
Year     Title     Role     Notes
2002–2003     Brookside     Elena Jones     3 episodes
2003     Born and Bred     Lisa Gunstone     1 episode
2005–2010     Hollyoaks     Hannah Ashworth     Regular role, 3 October 2005 – 12 February 2010
Nominated for Most Popular Actress at the National Television Awards 2007
Winner for Best Actress at the British Soap Awards 2008
Nominated for Best Dramatic Performance at the British Soap Awards 2008
Nominated for Best Storyline for Hannah's Anorexia at the British Soap Awards 2008
Nominated for Sexiest Female at the British Soap Awards 2009
2009     Hollyoaks Later     Hannah Ashworth     5 episodes
2011     Becoming Human     Brandy Mulligan     4 episodes
2011     Fresh Meat     Rachel     1 episode
2012     Prisoners' Wives     Gemma Roscoe     6 episodes
2012     Pramface     Carrie-Ann     1 episode
2013     Ripper Street     Lucy Eames     1 episode
2013     The Job Lot     Chloe     1 episode
2013–2014     Once Upon a Time in Wonderland     Red Queen/Anastasia Tremaine    

Alessandra Negrini

Alessandra Negrini (born August 29, 1970 in São Paulo) is a Brazilian actress.
Daughter of the engineer Luiz Eduardo Osório Negrini, and pedagogue Neusa Vidal de Negreiros, who is descended from André Vidal de Negreiros. Alessandra has a brother named Paulo Roberto spent his childhood and adolescence in Santos. At 18 she enrolled in a theater course, and at that time, was called to do tests on Rede Globo.
Her TV debut was in the telenovela Olho no Olho, Antônio Calmon. In 1995, she made great success in the miniseries starring Engraçadinha... Seus Amores e Seus Pecados, based on the work of Nelson Rodrigues.
In 2000, gave birth to Isabel Olinto of the critically acclaimed miniseries A Muralha, a tribute to 500 years in Brazil. Because of the sensual appeal of her character in the miniseries, graced the cover of the Brazilian edition of Playboy magazine in April of that year. The fact that she played a prostitute in the pages of the magazine, the actress made the situation worse in the court responded that the process for taking her son Antônio, then three years old, watching a movie inappropriate for the age, Sleepy Hollow head in a movie Leblon, on February 3, 2000.
In 2002, reaped many accolades for Selma villain of the novel Desejos de Mulher, Euclydes Marinho. In 2003, made an appearance on the soap opera Celebridade, Gilberto Braga, and children's series Sítio do Picapau Amarelo. In the theater, attended parts of Os Credores and A Gaivota, in which he traveled to Europe, Canada and Japan.
In 2007, she starred in the soap opera Paraíso Tropical, Gilberto Braga. In the plot, the actress played the twin sisters Paula and Taís, having been very successful. The same year she premiered the film Cleópatra, Júlio Bressane, for which she won the best actress award at the Festival de Brasília. In 2008, he appeared in two more films: A Erva do Rato, of Júlio Bressane and No Retrovisor of Mauro Mendonça Filho.
Negrini, who was away from novels since 2007, when he made the twins Paula and Taís in the novel Paraíso Tropical, returns to television in 2010 to participate in the series S.O.S. Emergência and As Cariocas.
In 2011, Negrini returns to the stage alongside Karin Rodrigues, to stage the play A Senhora de Dubuque, a text by Edward Albee. And was in the movie O Abismo Prateado and TokyoShow.
In 2012, participated in the new version of the play A Propósito de Senhorita Júlia, the story takes place in Brazil at the beginning of the 21st century. In the same year the novels returns in the second phase of Lado a Lado, playing opera singer Catarina Ribeiro.
Personal life
She was married to actor Murilo Benício, who had her first child, Antônio.
In 2001, she met the singer Otto. In 2003, their daughter was born, Betina. In 2008, the separation occurred.
Year     Title     Role     Notes
1993     Olho no Olho     Clara    
Retrato de Mulher     Bruna     Cameo
1994     Você Decide         Episode: Anjo Vingador
1995     Engraçadinha... Seus Amores e Seus Pecados     Engraçadinha (young)     1st phase
Cara e Coroa     Natália Santoro    
1996     A Comédia da Vida Privada         Episode: O Grande Amor da Minha Vida
1997     Anjo Mau     Paula Novaes    
1998     Meu Bem Querer     Rebeca Maciel    
2000     A Muralha     Isabel Olinto    
Brava Gente     Natália     Cameo
2001     Os Normais     Sílvia     Episode: Estresse é Normal
2002     Desejos de Mulher     Selma Dumont    
2003     Sítio do Picapau Amarelo     Rapunzel     Cameo
Celebridade     Marília Prudente da Costa     Cameo
2006     JK     Yedda Ovalle Schidmt    
2007     Paraíso Tropical     Paula Viana / Taís Grimaldi    
2008     Episódio Especial     Herself     Cameo
Casseta & Planeta, Urgente!     Various characters     Cameo
2009     A Turma do Didi     Herself     Cameo
2010     S.O.S. Emergência     Sílvia     Episode: "Pegar ou Largar"
As Cariocas     Marta     Episode: "A Iludida de Copacabana"
Tal Filho, Tal Pai     Barbara Leão     Special End of Year
2012     Lado a Lado     Catarina Ribeiro    
Year     Title     Role     Notes
1997     Four Days in September     Lília    
2001     Um Crime Nobre     Mônica Andrade    
2004     Sexo, Amor e Traição     Andréa    
2007     Cleópatra     Cleopatra    
2008     Os Desafinados     Luíza    
No Retrovisor        
A Erva do Rato     She    
2011     TokyoShow     Barbra Scott     Short film
O Abismo Prateado     Violeta    
2012     2 Coelhos     Júlia    
O Gorila     Rosalinda    
Year     Title     Role
2001     O Beijo no Asfalto     Selminha
2003     Credores     Tekla
2008     A Gaivota     A Gaivota
2011     A Senhora de Dubuque     Jo
2012     A Propósito de Senhorita Júlia     Júlia